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No matter the size of your yard, our team at RC Lawn Care prioritizes its maintenance. We work to restore your greenery's lush looks and bring it to life efficiently and in a timely manner.

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Crafting a visually appealing garden takes time and effort you might not have time for.

From consistently watering your shrubs to using state-of-the-art herbicides to leave your green pastures weed free, we offer the complete package for maintaining your greenery.

Here's a rundown of what our team can do for your yard in Rolesville, NC, and nearby.

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Generally speaking, green turf that responds well to North Carolina's long hours of sun in the summer season will be the easiest to maintain.

Depending on your property, this includes the shade and drought-tolerant centipede grass, the deep-rooted Bermuda turf, and the weed-resistant zoysia grass.

Ultimately, the most accessible greenery to maintain for your yard in North Carolina will depend on several factors, including your location, soil, sod type, and other factors (e.g., underlying tree roots).

Most lawn care services cost around $300 or more a month, with most companies offering a wide range of maintenance and lawn mowing services.

However, depending on the size and type of yard, we're happy to offer comprehensive financing with a 12-month maintenance contract allowing you to pay in monthly installments.

The best time for a lawn fertilization service in North Carolina depends on your turf type and location in the city.

Generally, you should fertilize warm-weather grasses like Bermuda or Zoysiain in the spring or summer when the greenery is actively growing.

For grasses that respond well to proper or wet temperatures, such as tall fescue, the best time to fertilize in regions such as Wake Forest, NC, is in the fall.

Frequencies differ for an optimal maintenance schedule depending on the turf's size, type, and location.

Our experts are happy to provide an informed assessment of the best North Carolina frequency for lawncare services.

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